Tech Policy Lab

Research at the intersection of technology and politics

At the Cornell Tech Policy Lab, we focus on the politics of technology to examine how politics shapes the deployment of new technologies in ways that directly affect the lives of millions in the United States and around the globe.

Some of the most consequential developments of the last two decades sit squarely at the intersection of technology and politics:

  • The deployment of drones to revolutionize counterterrorism
  • The manipulation of social media to influence foreign elections
  • The pursuit of artificial intelligence to fuel a new global arms race
  • The use of scientific models to formulate Covid-19 public health policies

All of these policies have technological innovation at their core, but their design and implementation has been heavily influenced by politics, whether partisanship, public opinion, or international relations. 

In the Cornell Tech Policy Lab, we break down academic silos and foster radical interdisciplinary collaborations at the intersection of politics and technology.  We then translate those findings to educate and inform policy makers and the public.

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