Our Research
At the Cornell Tech Policy Lab, we break down academic silos and foster radical interdisciplinary collaborations at the intersection of politics and technology. We conduct research into the ways that emerging tech can disrupt politics; conduct empirical tests of those ideas; and innovate industry start-ups that build on those concepts and evidence.

Core Research Areas

Defense: the use of drones for counterterrorism; cyber security, cyber escalation

Health: research, development, and uptake of the Covid-19 vaccine; the use of scientific models in projecting virus transmission

Democracy: language models that amplify fake voices and distort democratic representation; online misinformation by foreign actors meddling in the domestic electoral process

Space: the role of foreign policy on US and international outer space programs; the reasons and implications of privatization in space programs


Julie George, Gloria Cai, Keyi Ding, Noah Watson, and Sarah Kreps, “(Mis)Information on Digital Platforms: Lessons from Twitter and Sina Weibo in COVID-19 Pandemic,” under review at Public Health

Olaf Willner, Jakob Richi, Elliott Ash, and Sarah Kreps, “Natural Language Models as Political Communicators,” under review at the Journal of Quantitative Description: Digital Media